We combine executive search expertise with industry acumen
We are experts at executive search and possess significant family office/family enterprise and wealth management, investment management and financial services business experience. This enables us to distinctively perform as consultants who, in addition to identifying and recruiting the ideal candidate on an executive search assignment, supplement the engagement with insightful market perspectives, competitive compensation data and value-added counsel and advice.

We build strong partnerships with our clients
Mack International’s philosophy and approach to executive search is client-centered, consultative and relationship-driven. We believe that our best work is done for clients with whom we have or are building long-term relationships. We work in partnership with our clients, their advisors, boards of directors and search committees. We immerse ourselves in each client’s business and culture. As a result, we are able to enhance our clients’ reputation in the market and effectively identify, access and recruit candidates who are “on target” both in terms of credentials and cultural fit. Our commitment to our clients is ongoing and extends to helping facilitate each new hire’s successful transition and integration into the client organization.

We offer clients a dedicated, senior team with access to the best candidates
We are a private, specialized firm and as such offer clients a distinct competitive advantage. A dedicated team of experienced consultants, led by the firm’s founder and president, personally conducts each search through its successful conclusion. As a private, boutique firm we tap our extensive network for your search without the “off limits” issues that plague larger executive recruitment firms. This means that we can consistently identify, contact and deliver the strongest candidates to clients without time delays or restrictions.

We have cultivated an extraordinary network of contacts
We have established an unparalleled network of personal contacts in the family office/family enterprise and wealth management, investment management and financial services community. This network is comprehensive, substantial and it differentiates us from other search firms. This formidable network enables us to rapidly identify and effectively access candidates that represent the most qualified individuals available in the market. Our ongoing relationships and continuous dialogue with personal contacts, referral networks and potential candidates enable us to stay apprised of the best talent and key players in the marketplace.

We are committed to excellence in all that we do
Mack International only accepts a limited number of assignments at any one time so that we can devote the resources necessary to ensure success. We believe that there are no “standard” solutions and view each search and consulting engagement as unique, with its own distinct characteristics and opportunities. We focus first, foremost and always on our clients and set the standard for excellence in executive search and consulting.