Preserving Family Wealth

Identifying and recruiting exceptional investment executives for families in their family offices and investment firms requires profound expertise. Recognized as the most specialized boutique firm in recruiting C-suite executives for family offices, Mack International, based in the U.S., has earned a distinct reputation for finding key executive leadership.  President, Linda Mack, recently celebrated the firm’s 15th anniversary. “My objective when the company was founded was to provide the quintessential executive search and consulting firm in the business–getting it right the first time, every time. And we continue to do that.”

Linda Mack - Mack International

Looking for the needle in the proverbial haystack, Mack International, in business since 2002, has established an exceptionally solid track record in the crucial C-suite arena. An executive search firm serving family offices, family enterprises and family investments firms, the U.S. based firm is specialised in finding investment executives on an international basis. To that end, Mack International maintains a vast global network of contacts via which it sources promising candidates. Their consultative approach doesn’t stop there. “Every family is different,” says Ms. Mack. “Our consulting engagements can include everything from strategic planning to governance, succession and executive compensation, depending upon the need.”

“Essentially, our business is helping families and their enterprises successfully sustain themselves into future generations. Each search assignment starts with mapping the client’s primary requirements and, after that, detailing the required personal characteristics and attributes. The challenge is to identify and define these qualities.” Mack International uses a proprietary 360 assessment process which becomes the basis for defining the ideal candidate. “Our clients are looking for individuals who will help lead their family enterprise for 15 years or longer…a generation. So there must be a strong probability that an intimate bond based on alignment of values and objectives can be established between them. The ideal CIO not only enables the family to achieve their investment objectives, but must be in harmony with the overall philosophy and values of the family as well.”

Ms. Mack explains that, as a rule, providing a precise cultural fit takes precedence over other considerations. While finding exceptionally talented investment executives is very important, it is only the first step; the ultimate success depends on finding that one individual who is also the right culture fit. “In fact, finding the candidate with the requisite skills and experience to do the job is just the first cut; 95% of our search is insuring the right culture fit. No matter how professionally competent, an executive who is not a good fit can negatively impact the family’s sustainability. This is why, at Mack International, we focus on delivering an aligned cultural fit. Each family office or family investment firm is built according to the vision and values of its founders and his or her successors. It is the key to the enduring success of the enterprise.”

Mack International has built a well-earned reputation for doing business with the utmost discretion.  “Discretion is an important foundation of our business.” explains Linda.  “We are known for conducting our engagements with absolute confidentiality. People trust us and that enables us to access candidates no one else can.”

Firmly established in a small but crucial niche of the executive search market, Mack International attracts clients internationally. The firm’s founder is a highly sought after speaker at family office and family investment conferences on a global basis and is recognised as a thought leader in her field. “We value being at the forefront of our field and continuously do fresh research on our own, sharing our insights and perspectives with families.  We all gain from one another’s experiences.”

Ms. Mack has built her career serving family offices, family investment firms and family enterprises: “I love working with families and believe family businesses are the backbone of this country. The prosperity of the U.S. has been built on the vision of enterprising families. Our clients range from first generation wealth creators to multi-generational families of six or more generations.  We bring the value of this experience to each assignment. We help families sustain their wealth into future generations by finding Chief Investment Officers and senior investment managers who will enable them to achieve their objectives. The market needs an independent firm like Mack International that is genuinely dedicated to help families in finding the right leadership for these critical roles.”